A Perception-Action Approach Refresher and Review

Course Information

Pediatric Update: What’s New?

Participant technology requirements: Latest version of Zoom, enabled computer camera, functioning audio capabilities and 2.5 Mbps (upload and download) bandwidth. 
5 Hour WEBINAR - Cost: To Be Announced
A 5-hour live webinar is presented for clinicians who have completed Levels I and II Perception-Action Approach (P-A Approach) coursework. Concepts, theories and clinical application will be examined using discussion, patient examples, didactic methods and labs. Updated information will be discussed related to enhancing global development, adapting intervention to varied caseloads, and involving caregivers in ways that extend intervention dosage.

Learning Objectives - Participants will:

  1. Identify changes to intervention that target cognitive advancement.
  2. Formulate an intervention plan using environmental adaptations, while working in groups with a patient example.
  3. Explain behavioral changes in a patient using theories of Dynamic Systems, Neuronal Group Selection and Perception-Action.
  4. Describe alterations, stimulated by this course experience, which you would make to an intervention session with one of your clients.

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