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Certification Program


Welcome to the Certification Program for the Perception-Action Approach (further known as P-A Approach). The IPAA Certification Program is a dynamic, experiential process designed to expand and refine the clinician’s use of P-A Approach skills. Successful completion of the 5-day P-A Learn to Move-Move to Learn Course is a prerequisite to apply for Certification Courses.  For Certification, both the Mentoring and Project Courses are required.  A therapist can choose to complete the Mentoring Course alone for additional learning and skill development or both the Mentoring and Project Courses  for Certification. Please complete the Application for acceptance into either the Mentoring Course or both the Mentoring and Project Courses.  

Mentoring Course –  Nurturing Excellence: Mentoring in the Perception-Action Approach: 
In this course, the clinician works with a P-A Approach Instructor/assigned Mentor (further known as Mentor), to gain strength in Competencies that are drawn from the 5-day P-A Learn to Move-Move to Learn Course. This Course is designed to increase clinical application and knowledge within  a  community of clinicians supportive of the P-A Approach.  It includes the following:

  • Six mentoring sessions.
  • The Mentor will assign relevant readings, study groups, videos, webinars and other appropriate materials to support the mentoring sessions related to the P-A Competencies.
  • The Mentor will determine when the Candidate has demonstrated  adequate competency to begin the Project Course. 
  • If the Candidate or the Mentor feel additional mentoring is needed, supplementary sessions can be provided at an additional fee.
  • This Mentoring Course is a prerequisite to begin the Project Course.    

Project Course:

In this course, the Certification Candidate will present a Project of Competency to an assigned  Instructor/Examiner, further known as Examiner.  The Candidate will demonstrate competency/skills unique to the P-A Approach using intervention videos, a written report, and a dialogue/discussion with Examiner. Following completion of the Project, and approval from the Examiner, the Candidate will be Certified by the Certification Committee and can then use C/PAA (Certified in Perception-Action Approach) as a professional title designation. The Project Course includes the following:

  • The Candidate prepares two (20 minute) intervention videos (one child) and a written report and forwards these to the Examiner along with the following:  (1) Child information form, and (2) Photo consent signed by the parent/guardian    
  • The written report relates the videos to the Competencies and follows the guidelines enclosed within the Certification Information.
  • The Project is reviewed by the Examiner using objective criteria. 
  • Examiner will determine if the Candidate has demonstrated successful completion for IPAA certification.

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