Mentoring Course

Nurturing Excellence: Mentoring in the Perception-Action Approach

LEVEL: Advanced
Nurturing Excellence 
is offered as a stand-alone course or as a prerequisite for the Clinical Certification Program.

Mentoring Course and Certification Program Prerequisite: 
Successful completion of the 5-day P-A Approach "Learn to Move, Move to Learn" Course or the Dr. Burris Duncan NIH Intensive Therapy Study training 
Mentoring Course: Through six one-on-one or small group interactive sessions and practical applications with a mentor, participants will continue to develop the expertise needed to create meaningful change in the lives of their clients.
Are you a dedicated therapist eager to enhance your skills and make a lasting impact on children with disabilities? After completing the 5-Day Learn to Move, Move to Learn Perception-Action Course or the Dr. Burris Duncan NIH Intensive Therapy Study training, enroll in our exclusive Mentoring Course offering a transformative journey, pairing you with experienced mentors to guide you through advanced knowledge of the Perception-Action Approach, enriching your practice and benefiting your young clients.

The Mentoring Course is a personalized and immersive experience designed to empower therapists who work with children with movement disorders. Through six one-on-one or small group  interactive sessions and practical applications with a mentor, you'll continue to develop the expertise needed to create meaningful change in the lives of your clients.

Each scheduled session will delve deeper into the perception-action, dynamic systems and neuronal group selection theories and how they influence therapeutic intervention for children with disabilities. Current evidence will be highlighted and analyzed. The focus of a patient’s functional movement analysis and intervention strategies will include the primary concepts and unique defining characteristics of the Perception-Action Approach. 

You will engage in video analysis of therapy sessions, identify strengths and areas for growth and receive constructive feedback from your mentor to refine your technique and approach.

Target Audience: PTs, OTs and SLPs

Mentoring Course Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how the three foundational theories of the P-A Approach influence a typically developing child’s function.
  2. Justify the selection of clinical intervention strategies for child/children with atypical  development based on the three foundational theories of the P-A Approach.
  3. Relate evidence-based publication findings to the practical application of the P-A Approach, demonstrating an understanding of how theoretical concepts translate into  practical applications.
  4. Select appropriate clinical intervention strategies for child/children with atypical development based on the results of their examination findings.
  5. Adjust selected intervention strategies based on the child/children’s performance as it relates to the primary concepts and the major components of the P-A Approach.
  6. Discuss the relationship of the P-A Approach to global development when performed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists.


IPAA is committed to ensuring that all educational activities are accessible to all learners, including people with disabilities. If you have any special needs, please contact us at


Requests for cancellation must be made in writing more than 10 days prior to the course start date (first mentoring session) to receive a refund minus $20 administration fee. Cancellations by IPAA will result in full refund.


All virtual and in-person courses require attending the entire program, passing a post-test, and completing the course evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion for the mentoring course.

For questions, please email

Registration Process:

Thank you for your interest in the Mentoring Course.

If registering for this course, please note the following registration process:

1. Application

Please complete the application form and pay a non-refundable fee of $25.00. 

2. Review and Approval

Your application will be reviewed by the Certification Committee Chair and within two weeks you will be notified if additional information is needed to fully process your application. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on registration and submitting payment for this course.

3. Registration and Payment

Payment will be due in full at time of registration.

Bundled Discount:
  • Mentoring and Project Course $900

  • Mentoring Course $600
  • Project Course (prerequisite Mentoring Course) $450

4. Mentoring Course Completion

You will be assigned a Mentor and contact information to schedule six mentoring sessions. The mentor will assign all relevant materials. Following completion of the mentoring session you will be provided instructions to complete the knowledge assessment and survey in order to obtain the certificate of completion and CEU's.

5. (Optional) Continue Certification and Complete the Project Course

Upon completion of the Mentoring Course, the Mentor will provide the candidate information to pay and access the Project course and submit required projects.

6. (Optional) IPAA Certification Certificate

Once the candidate has successfully completed the Project, the Lead Examiner will provide the candidate with instructions that will enable them to complete the survey and download the Certification Certificate.
What We Offer

What's included in the Certification Program?

Program Requirements

Mentoring Program:
  • Assign a Mentor to candidate
  • Mentoring sessions scheduled
  • Complete assessments
  • Certificate of Completion awarded
Certification Program Continuation to the Project Program (Optional):
  • Candidate prepares two (20 minute) intervention videos (one child) and a written report
  • Project is reviewed by the Examiner using objective criteria and forwarded to Certification Committee for successful completion
  • Certification Committee will contact the Candidate, in writing, regarding their Certification status

6 Mentoring Sessions (9 Continuing Education Hours)

Therapy Session Video Analysis

IPAA Certification Certificate

Course Completion

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